Dilated Peoples feat. AG, Defari & Xzibit – “Rework the Angles”

Check it out now
I work the angles like, off the cushion in the side pocket
Electrifying like a live socket
Hit ’em with all flavors, yup
We tryin’ to be neighbors with pro-ballplayers, I’m talkin’ papers
Or keep it realer, and see me on a Iron Caterpillar
On point like a killer, plus ready, to deliver
Type gifted, treat the mic right, or I might rip it
Critics dig my style cause I write different, no hype
I just kick it, lowlifes, they wanna get it
I shine like the ice when I hold mics, every time
Got every dime, sayin’ this nigga so nice, you know what?
They so right, you get stuck, I’ll go twice
lit it up when I blow mics

Show mic precise, require sacrifice
That’s no hassle, the master got more loops than lassos
Y’all hear me? They all conspiracy theories
Worthless, like testing Ev’ defeats the purpose
Since the beginning, intrigued by pot and attentive women
Breakbeats and windmills on concrete
Covered by cardboard, seafloor to skyline
Bottom line, in rhyme yo, put in time, you shine
That’s right sometimes I get so hyped
I feel like Diamond D the best producer on the mic
I aced this — most punchlines are tasteless
Regular, average, mediocre, makeshift
To all my DJ’s, with skills you got a lotta
This ain’t on your mixtape, yo it coulda been hotta
The method in this game they’ll have you drained and strangled
Don’t go to them, let em come to you, and work the angles

Don’t sleep on, I leave your knee torn, like Sehorn
Liquid MC storm, like children of the corn, a wild freeform
Of energy, mentally fit to last a century
Like centuries, one double-zero translate to victories
You kiddin’ me me? Come wack that’s not my history
Kidnap the wack and break his ankles, remember +Misery+?
Lyrically, you’re skatin’ out of control
Work the anglesround the globe, from North to South Pole
It’s so cold that MC’s catch pneumonia
I’m airborne, from L.A. to Barcelona
I rock heads from Pomona out to the Bronx
Drop the sure needle contact, now watch me launch
DJ’s, you jugglin’, that means I’m bubblin’
Defari on the remix fix, this shit is thunderin
Picture me fumblin’ or droppin the ball
That’s like picturin Guy without that nigga Aaron Hall

Well if a brother get the best of me
Ain’t no use in sniveling and blaming referee
Fuck that, I strip the mic with tenacious D
Kick it up to Evidence, yo kick it out to me!
Line up the three, trifecta stroke it properly
Rakaa, I work the angles triple optically
The hiphop multimedia monopoly
My G is God, what’s your G for, geometry?
This man of war beats colder on the seashore
And deep enough that we can take it to the sea floor
Every single beat bangs like a C4
We drop beats, why you asking what the beat for?
The Spitfire fighter Dilated entity
I’m learning chakras like Chopra building energy
While barbershops sipping Henny like the Kennedys
I’m always bigger and better, that’s word to Beni B
It’s guaranteed

Make T-shirts and slingshots, I bust khakis out, bounce to the weed spot
Naturally, me and my faculty we never play with this
I Used to Love H.E.R. too, but now I fucking hate the bitch
She’s sucking up to all the niggas with the chains and whips
But that’s alright, because all she do for me is pay the rent
And keep it moving, got a bad habit of losing my cool
Acting a fool, breaking out tools, and making the whole crowd move
Towards the exit, this be the next shit, we got you Dilated
Hotter than Satan, the repeated parole violations
Xzibit work the angles, call us the dirty angels
How the West was Won? with microphones and turntables


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